About Us



Eco-Friendly can be elegant. We have been able to create beautiful clothing and accessories using natural hand-picked materials from around the world.
Dynami Enterprises Corp. parents Dynami Couture clothing and accessories for women, D.Bullet for men’s apparel, and Dynami Sweets Beverly Hills brands.


Our mission is to bring a new and unique style of food,clothing, jewelry, pastries, and interior decor that appeals to consumers seeking eco-friendly, fair trade, and naturally sourced goods. One of our main focuses is to inspire and allow other youth with high ambition to grow through their employment with us. We hold motivation in high regard and aim to be the best rated firm through our quality of products, contributions to the community, and last but not least, out valuable set of ethics through all sectors of our firm.

Company Overview

We are a joint venture firm specializing in luxury goods and products as well as expanding our resources in order to build a record breaking conglomerate. We have high standards for our employees as well as the products and services that we offer. We strive to bring you the best quality available from around the world.


At Dynami Enterprises, we have been creating several different yet complimentary brands that we hope will raise the standards in today’s current markets. Our CEO and founder Dynami Al-Anjeri, wanted to share her visions of beauty in all objects that surround our everyday lives by creating exquisite works of art in fashion couture, chocolatier, and cuisine. The most logical thing to do would be to be the first firm in the world to own multi-function, multi-national, and yet very complimentary firm. We say complimentary because each one of our brand relates to the other in many ways and are made up of the human vise of indulgence in all aspects.