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America’s Most Brutal & Loving Squid Family

The cutest family on tv the #squidbillies ♥♥♥


The cutest family on tv: Squidbillies ♥♥♥

I have been a Squidbillies junkie since about 2007. I was seriously more than confused and utterly freaked out for a few days the first time I saw an episode. I literally had to watch the episode three more times to have some minor understanding of the slightest detail. It finally set in and I was hooked. It flowed like water and poetry to my mind, ears and eyes. The grandma’s shameless promiscuity, Early Tylers drunken antics and metaphors, and even the sheriff’s eerily creepy ignorance when turning a blind eye to horrible crimes committed. This is just an opinion, but I think that we all have a little Squidbillie in us that we refuse to let out. I am not telling you to let it out either, just don’t deny it and give in to their dark, yet heartwarming humor.

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