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Dynami Couture Jewelry Giveaway


We are very excited to bring you our very first GIVEAWAY! We will be giving away 2 beautiful necklaces from our Fall “Talisman” Collection that you will only get from Dynami Couture.
Here is how to enter:

  • Leave a comment this blog letting us know how and with what you would wear these necklaces (A user may comment: Once a day)
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The more entries you have, the more chances you have of winning. Giveaway begins today, July 19th and ends on August 2nd. We will be announcing the winners on the evening of August 3rd, pacific time.
Good Luck to you in the the first of many more Giveaways to come!!!

11 thoughts on “Dynami Couture Jewelry Giveaway

  1. The blue necklace can go with a white button-up. I always love to add some accessories to the kind-of β€œformal” outfit. I would wear jeans with it, along with baby pink high heels.
    For the golden one, I would wear a plain black tanktop. Since the top has a V neck, the necklace will lay on my skin, not the tanktop. I have a light brown pant that would go perfectly with this look. Black glittery sandals are very confortable, so I would wear them with this casual outfit.

    1. Your ideas sound very unique and I am sure they would look great. I also love button up shirts with long necklaces πŸ™‚ Good luck πŸ™‚

  2. I have never seen such exquisite jewelry in my life before. keep up the good work πŸ™‚ I will definitely be your loyal client

    1. Thank you very much for the compliment Princess πŸ™‚

  3. These necklaces are so versatile I feel as though I could wear them to improve any outfit! The blue one I would definitely wear with a white top; the gold one with a black top, maybe even a nice dress. Both necklaces definitely have some level of flexibility, and can be worn with casual/semi-formal/formal outfits!

    1. Totally love your comment and you are so right, especially about the colors each necklace would go with πŸ™‚ Thank you for entering this giveaway.

  4. Seriously loving both these necklaces!

  5. I have a black dress that the gold necklace would go beautifully with! It would really make use of the open chest. As for the blue one, I don’t have anything right now that it would suit, but you can bet I’d go out and buy something specifically for it!

    1. I am sure they would look lovely on you. The great thing is that they can go with just about anything from casual to formal wear πŸ™‚ thanks for commenting.

  6. I think both pieces would go fantastic with my normal everyday casual outfits. Those consist of stonewashed denim jeans, tee shirt, and brown/camel colored sandals. Both are perfect for summer!

  7. I dress kind of hippieish, so I think that both of these gorgeous necklaces would look great with a t-shirt, a long flow-y skirt, and ( of course) myBerkies!

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