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I have been a loyal fan and user of Hydroxycut SX-7, however, I got greedy as most humans tend to do. I have reached my desired weight but felt that I needed something stronger to energize me for toning up. This was a huge mistake. I already had a good product that was helping me achieve my goals which were to get energy to workout, give me mental focus on my workouts and my daily routines, and it kept me balanced in all aspects of my life.

Last week I went to Max Muscle rather than going to my usual spot, GNC. I asked the store rep what the best energy and fat burning supplement was. She told me that Synedrex was the best-seller at their store and I went ahead and purchased it. This has literally been the worst experience of my life! It says on the bottle to take one per day to test your endurance. I will tell you that I tried it for 4 days only to confirm that no other outside factors were contributing to my side effects.

I did lose weight while taking this pill. I have been an avid chef since my youth and I can tell you that the best part of my regular diet for the past 2 years was experimenting and creating new diet recipes that tasted amazing while building a discipline in the amount I eat daily. I was so excited because I had just gone to Lassens Organic Market and Whole Foods to purchase around $600 worth of pure, natural, and healthy ingredients for my monthly main grocery trip right after having my first dose of Synedrex in the morning. I have always seen grocery shopping trip to be just as exciting as any vacation or shopping spree. However, my trip was not so exciting.

About an hour after taking this pill, I felt tired, depressed, useless, unhappy, and even stranger, I was not hungry. I felt forced and disgusted at anything I saw during my time in these grocery stores. This is not like me at all! I have always loved food and no matter how fit or healthy you are, you need to eat and food gives you the calories and energy you need to survive. During these past 4 days, I have not only lost my appetite completely, I have experienced severe depression. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am the life of the party. I am a naturally annoyingly positive person and always active an upbeat.

I did not want to get out of bed. I did not want to cook (which is my passion), I did not want to go out, and even scarier, and I did not want to live. Again, I will tell you this is not like me and never has been. I was paranoid, scared, and felt that I would have a heart attack or die at any moment. I hate to admit it but I even had slightly suicidal thoughts and was hoping to just give up at any moment just so I do not feel the depressing effects of this pills. I was even afraid to sleep because I thought I would die in my sleep from a heart attack because my left arm was killing me and I felt something was squeezing my heart.

Synedrex should not be allowed on the market. I have tried several energy supplements, energy shots, powders, and they have their ups and downs. The worst I had ever experienced was the caffeine crash. That is totally fine, but I have never been useless and depressed for 4 days straight. I only took it the 4 days to make sure it had nothing to do with school, working out, or anything else. I felt weak and powerless. This pill should not be on the market at all, not even with a prescription. I am telling you all about this because it really happened to me and there are witnesses to my pain and depression. Losing weight and getting in shape can be fun and exciting. I loved making up new meals, exercise routines, drawing my charts, and shopping for my workout clothes and groceries.

What is the point of losing weight if you do not have the will to live or go about your daily life? I am a student and thank God I did not have school or work during the days I took these pills. I would not have been able to get out of bed because I really did not and my room-mates had to force me to eat and drink something but I only could once a day. I care about all of you and hope you never experience this. Please do not take Synedrex and if you have any questions about my effects and what happened in detail please leave a comment or email me.

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Hydroxycut sx-7 review



So I started with the red bottle first. This supplement helps with endurance, mental focus, energy, for working out in the weight loss process. After 1 month, I found out they came out with Black Onyx, the black bottle. Its the sake as the red bottle but stronger for energy and focus. Its also doesn’t make your heart rate go ridiculously fast and shaky or jittery like other caffeine stimulants. Its the best product available but you do need to exercise and kept active to get the full benefits of it. I recommend you to start with the red bottle and move up to the black after a month only if you can handle and need the extra boost of energy. Both bottle contain 7 different never before combined ingredients to make the maximum sensory formula that has changed my life.

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Superfood Powder For Your Inner Makeover


generssentials pack green-superfood

superfood-powderI have been going on a non-stop health shopping spree all week trying to give myself a whole new inner and outer makeover. I think it started with my purchase of a vegan handbag at Nordstroms on Monday. Being the shopaholic I am, I noticed I started losing some more weight from being out shopping all over the city in the hot sun for a few days. I even purchased several skin cremes from Sephora which I will review later. Three days ago, I renewed my tanning subscription at my favorite tanning salon and realizing that I now live within jogging distance, I got up early, ate breakfast, put on my new SPF creme and jogged there. It was a lot of fun. When I got out, I decided to go to Lassens organic and whole foods market to get some greens to blend myself some green smoothies. As I walked around, I started noticing other stuff that I wanted to buy.

By the way, a market is still fair game for my impulsive shopping sprees, therefore, I will go nuts in one as easy as I would at The Grove. I noticed some containers that said raw food, greens, and superfood. They are powdered blends of all types of vegetables, greens, vitamins, fibers and several other beneficial ingredients for your body. I got ten packs, two of each brand to try out. I also got a giant jar of local raw honey, Black African soap, African Secret creme, Shea Butter Organic Shampoo and some spices. You blend one package with eight ounces of water which I did the first day. The second day, I blended it with chicken broth and the third day I added it to my chopped grilled chicken and lime juice. I must mention I got the original flavors and not the fruit ones. I ended up buying Amazing Grass Green Superfood Goji and Acai flavor which was a huge mistake.
I will not lie, the flavor was horrible and the smell almost made me sick. I tried to blend it with tomato sauce, yogurt, milk, curry, saffron, onions, garlic, and tons of other stuff..the flavor changed slightly but the smell remained.
I honestly only recommend the raw green original flavors because they are easier to blend with other flavors and do not have that strong smell. In fact, the very first packet from the bunch that I bought was called GenEssentials Greens. It was very subtle and easy to deal with as far as taste and smell and that is my top pick from them all. They helped speed up my digestive system, made my skin look healthier, and gave me tons of energy. The Vitamine Shoppe to sells Amazing Grass superfood in different flavors ranging from chocolate to vanilla chai in the eight ounce container for only $23.99. However, if you decide to take my advice, GenEssentials comes in a box with 15 packets for $21.99.

I cannot tell you all how happy and how much healthier I feel since I started using Superfood. I will make further updates after I finish my two-week detox plan.

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Lose 10 Pounds FAST !!!

Collage pics
After diet
Me after my Diet and still working on it

If most of my fans remember me from my episodes on “I Wish: Dream Factory”, I was a little most husky than I should have been. Until 3 weeks ago, I was at a whopping 125 pounds. After starting my proper diet of veggies, proteins, and yes…. OATMEAL and Flax Seed, I am down to 106 pounds. This is not a crash diet, you just have to limit your meals and set a meal time. You can lose 10 pounds fast!!! You just have to readjust your mindset a bit and learn to enjoy things differently. Now, clothing is good at hiding weight and true toning and defining, so I am aiming lose 16 more pounds to get to 90 pounds to reach my ideal weight for my height. That doesn’t mean I will be unhealthy, but you have to understand that 90 pounds of muscle is way better than 90 pounds of fat.

Before diet
Heavier Days enjoying fattening foods and Frapuccinos

I would be lying if I said that diet is the only thing that will get you to get a great body. You need at least 80 sit-ups and about 30 minutes of cardio a day to get your skin tight and all your body parts back into position. I have been so excited to be cooking with all these healthy ingredients since I started mt diet which I will include at the bottom. You can still enjoy your meals and take as long as you want to cook them but raw veggies will give you more energy than those energy drinks.

Collage pics
More weight, less weight, and useless dieting approaches. Me throughout the years.

If you don’t like raw veggies, cook some protein; 1/2 cup of beef, chicken or lamb, and then put them in the blender with your veggies or even chickpeas to make a meaty hummus paste or add more water to make it a soup. I have been making a lot of drinks with chicken broth and filling them with spinach, lettuce, greens, lettuce, etc. and adding vinegar, salt, lemon, and pepper.

I wish you all the best because this is just a long term lifetime change that will stay with you for years to come and have your energy as well as a great healthy body. Just find the taste that’s right for your diet and blend it. It makes it easier to digest. You also have to make sure they are healthy ingredients to equal a healthy diet that makes you happy.

  • Flax Meal or flax seed
  • Oatmeal (Check out my article about it)
  • Grilled Chicken/Thinly Slices sandwich chicken
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Mixed Greens
  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Low fat mozzarella
  • Almond Milk
  • Strawberries
  • High grade Italian pure Olive Oil
  • Green Tea
  • Water bottles
  • Boneless Chicken Breasts
  • Chicken Bullion
  • Elephant Garlic
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Tips for a Pleasant Transition into a Diet Lifestyle



You might start to notice me newfound love for oatmeal if you continue to follow the diet and recipe section of my blogs. I have felt amazingly healthy, energized, and confusingly full. I recall ordering two orders of Mejboos Deyay (deep fried or baked chicken and mixed white and saffron basmati rice dish from Kuwait) from Freej Suwaileh almost every day for lunch. This is a pretty huge dish for someone of my size to eat, let alone two orders, plus three 7ups per meal. I barely felt full and would even eat an ice cream afterwards.

Now that I have let you in on one of my secret pigging out habits, I will let you know what I have noticed during that passed three days of my official diet. I have been substituting rice, potatoes and other carbohydrates with oatmeal and some cooked green vegetables. After each meal, I have felt so full and content with what I ate that the thought of eating more or even again for several hours overwhelms me.
I have been consuming two to three meals a day with a bottle of water every hour and some occasional bites of the granola crumble bars I made. I will post a recipe for those afterwards. One hour after lunch, I went to the gym and stayed on the treadmill for about 30 minutes and stayed on power walking speed which is healthier for your cardiovascular system especially if you are just starting out. Do not ware yourself out or you will be in pain the next day which will obviously give you an excuse to leave your workout and diet until you feel better and that might take a week if you even decide to resume.
Lastly I downloaded two apps.



The first one is called “My Diet Coach II”. It’s a great app that helps you decide the weight goal you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, and plenty of motivation. You can set up several types of reminders from telling you when to drink water, workout, prepare your food, have a snack, and several others. Another thing I liked about it is that you can upload motivational pictures that you have to look at every day. I decided to upload a current picture of my current figure and will upload one every other day to view my progress.
The last and personally my favorite thing about the app is that it gives you challenges and you can add your own as well. For example, one of the challenges is to see if you can drink 8 cups of water a day. After every cup, you mark one off until you finish the challenge and you get star points. I added the challenge of doing 40 sit-ups 3 times a day.

My Diet Journal
The only downside to this app is that it doesn’t give you the option of documenting your daily meals, snacks, workouts, or weight through a journal or graph. I eventually found another app called “My Diet Journal”. It’s not as pretty and inviting as My Diet Coach, but it gets the job done. It helps you get in the habit of writing down everything you eat, count calories, check your vitals, exercise timing and progress, and even helps you keep an inventory of the healthy groceries you have or need to get. Best of all, it graphs all of you information to give you a more accurate idea of what you are doing well or need to improve on. Well I have rambled long enough and will introduce you to more of my recipes and hopefully post pictures of my before and after next month.

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Men: Etro vs. Dolce & Gabbana

etro vs. D&G

Runway Men

Men’s fashion has been somewhat of a mystery to most girls. However, I am the exception. I have always been impeccably successful in styling men and telling them what looks good. Let’s be honest. Thousands of men have wiggled their way into women’s fashion, make, clothing, and even posing in women’s fashion shows. So no one should be surprised that I am pushing my way into the depths of designing men’s clothing or predicting their future trends.

According to Ganstalicious, pearls are the next big thing

Now, after getting all that off my chest, I want to start explaining some of the trends that puzzle, upset, and excite me in this season. I want to start with the confusing ones first. I remember watching an episode of the Boondocks a few years back and there was one episode where Gangstalicious was designing clothing. He stated that pearls were the next best thing for men’s fashion and convinced everyone to wear these skorts (shorts that look like a shirt in front) because you could hide your gun under the skirt flap in front. Well, strangely enough, I have seen a lot of clothing similar to that on the runways this year. I have seen wedge shoes for men and pants that resemble leggings paired with oversized shirts that look like mini dresses. In my opinion, wedge shoes are just as ugly on women as they are on men. I am confused because I do not know the aim of the designers and why they would want guys to look so awkward.

J Wanderson
Dresses in men’s runway…really?
Lenny in Rick
Looks like Lenny got into Lady Gaga’s shoe closet

Now on to the trends that just straight-out piss me off. I have literally been seeing these see-through tank tops and shorts that resemble women’s lingerie, mini cape-coats, and dresses with flower prints on male models. Seriously? What sick person would try to push these things on men? If a guy wants to dress like a girl, he should just go buy women’s clothing but men’s clothing should be strictly made for men. These styles look demeaning, inappropriate, and just plain girly. This is exactly why men these days are different from the past. Ladies, if you are trying to make your boyfriend or husband wear this kind of stuff and still expect him to protect you in that dark alley, you are in for a rude awakening. These girly outfits that they are trying to pass off s men’s clothes should not be something in your wardrobe unless you are going to wear it for a Guns N Roses concert (died-out in the early 90’s) or a Halloween party.

Dolce Gabbana
Looks like the kid from Good Fellas gone floral by Dolce & Gabbana

So, after bashing a large portion of in-coming trends for men, let me tell you the ones I like and you should own. Definitely buy yourself a faded leather jacket. Those were big with bands like U2 and will be big this winter. Belts are out since your pants should not be falling down to your knees until 2015. Invest in a good pair of high ankle lace up boots. If you are thin, make sure to tuck your pants into your boots. White T-shirts are timeless so always make sure to have a couple in your closet. It doesn’t hurt to have a plain grey or black T-shirt either. Long beanies are one of the few unisex trends and look good with casual and semi-formal clothing. I was excited when I heard about Dolce and Gabannas last show but became angry after seeing how loose fitting the shirts were. I loved the only styled painting prints and jacquard details, but the necks on the shirts were too wide and looked like something Uncle Vinnie wears while serving spaghetti his dad’s restaurant.

Amazingly unique and well put together outfits and still masculine by Etro

Finally I can tell all you guys out there, before going out and buying any of that creepy see-through bondage styled clothing, the only lines that I will give you my blessings to buy from will be Etro for Men, Zara, some stuff from Forever 21 for Men, and Versace. Even Louis Vuitton’s show looked cheesy as hell. It’s hard to find good men’s fashion these days, but you can’t give up, especially if you are a guy that likes to look good. Good luck in your next purchases.

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Wonder Where our Current Trends Come From and Where They’re Going?

Your average Cholo

For many of us, fashion is just something we use to stay looking good. For others, we are trying to make a statement. But as for the current trends and styles all over magazines, blogs, and fashion shows, it is very obvious we have crossed my beloved 80’s era. I was in love with style because it brought so many futuristic aspects and types of clothing and make-up that had never been used before. Now we are entering the early 90’s. If any of you remember singers like Ice-Cube, Pre-Snoop Lion’s age of Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Salt-n-Pepper. We are slowly but surely entering the early phases of the baggy pants, oversized jerseys, and somewhat gang affiliated influence in our clothing.

Chola bangs; no matter who tells you they are cool, avoid them at all costs!


So, do not be surprised if those high-raised, hair sprayed bangs come in within the next couple of years. One thing I am glad to not seeing much of are those unsightly thinly drawn eyebrows. But we will are currently seeing those dark maroon lips, so expect to be seeing black lined lips with nude lipstick or sometimes red lipstick with black lining. This was a dreaded thing for me to anticipate since I think that the 90’s was one of the most depressing and pointless eras in fashion where laziness rapidly made its way into the everyday clothing of celebrities and stars. It replaced the elegant emeralds and diamond necklaces with bulky gold chains and tacky-looking lace chokers. Fur coats and gowns were traded for sneakers and miniskirts in the mid 90’s grunge faze.

Yes, your boyfriends might pay more for clothes than these guys, but they will surely be wearing the exact same thing at rip-off prices.


Grunge will probably be the most acceptable trend that I will accept as cute during that hideous decade.
Salt-N-Peppa: yes they were cool, and people copied their clothes, but I still hate these prints. You would probably end up buying them if I didn’t warn you about it now.


So maybe you don’t care where the styles you are wearing come from, but you should care about where they are going. I am particularly scared to death of those ugly thick-heeled high heels that look like shoes worn by statesmen in the industrial revolution. So, if you like the style and where it is going, just start searching for “Cholo Style”, “Grunge”, or anything within the early 90’s. I predict those cheesy Chinese prints will be back within two to three years. For more fashion predictions and history on trends and styles stay tuned. We also encourage you comment and ask us about future trends and their history.

I’m not going to lie. This is bomb…unfortunately, this is the late 80’s version of them. This means anything that crossed into 1990 sucks.
I predict Zara will be selling backwards pants in 2015 Spring.
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America’s Most Brutal & Loving Squid Family

The cutest family on tv the #squidbillies ♥♥♥


The cutest family on tv: Squidbillies ♥♥♥

I have been a Squidbillies junkie since about 2007. I was seriously more than confused and utterly freaked out for a few days the first time I saw an episode. I literally had to watch the episode three more times to have some minor understanding of the slightest detail. It finally set in and I was hooked. It flowed like water and poetry to my mind, ears and eyes. The grandma’s shameless promiscuity, Early Tylers drunken antics and metaphors, and even the sheriff’s eerily creepy ignorance when turning a blind eye to horrible crimes committed. This is just an opinion, but I think that we all have a little Squidbillie in us that we refuse to let out. I am not telling you to let it out either, just don’t deny it and give in to their dark, yet heartwarming humor.