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Fashion Interview on Blogtalk Radio With Ace Micheals

Blogtalk interview

Blog Talk Radio

I have never been one to listen to talk radio unless it was actually funny prank calls or rowdy DJs bashing on all of humanity’s faults and misfortunes. However, on Monday, all of that changed for me. Not only was I interviewed on the radio for the first time but I got to talk about fashion while Ace Micheals and I joked about one of the saddest fashion trends of all time, baggy and sagging pants.

I call it sad because not only did it look ridiculous, the trend came from boys  in the lower part of society wearing their fathers pants because they couldn’t afford to buy new one. Soon enough, people began to embrace the style but another problem came.I am guessing they could not afford belts either so they let their pants fall low enough to show that they could at least still afford underwear. I am still not sure what high purpose underwear or boxers held at the time but I suppose they were really important.

Oddly enough, the sagging trend still  lurks throughout the world and makes me wonder, how low will they go? Will guys eventually rule out pants when they begin tripping over them at their ankles? Will they replace their old baseball caps with those pants instead? That mystery will remain secret for another three years. But, until then check out what Ace and I had to say on the subject by listening to the audio.

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