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Reality Show Videos

Dynami Al-Anjeri appeared on the first reality show ever made in Kuwait called “I Wish: Dream Factory”. This show selected the most talented and charismatic contestants from 3 different fields; fashion, business, and culinary arts. Dynami was chosen as a contestant for the fashion episodes. Contestants were given surprise challenges and expected to create a complete gown or clothing item that would be displayed in a fashion show on the elimination day. After eventually being eliminated from the show, Dynami returned to California to display her collection in her Beverly Hills fashion show. This fashion show was also broadcasted on the final episode of “I Wish”.


[youlist https="1" vid="OyCqK1kRcYo,6pk8HNULqmE,lpMCV3P5kLc,hXc7R3hNVhM,eRHjzK6WQpY,pjgZuNzgtdI,ofkoT_9nsEY,99AE9QBENRM,n50gVUHlRxo"]
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