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Superfood Powder For Your Inner Makeover


generssentials pack green-superfood

superfood-powderI have been going on a non-stop health shopping spree all week trying to give myself a whole new inner and outer makeover. I think it started with my purchase of a vegan handbag at Nordstroms on Monday. Being the shopaholic I am, I noticed I started losing some more weight from being out shopping all over the city in the hot sun for a few days. I even purchased several skin cremes from Sephora which I will review later. Three days ago, I renewed my tanning subscription at my favorite tanning salon and realizing that I now live within jogging distance, I got up early, ate breakfast, put on my new SPF creme and jogged there. It was a lot of fun. When I got out, I decided to go to Lassens organic and whole foods market to get some greens to blend myself some green smoothies. As I walked around, I started noticing other stuff that I wanted to buy.

By the way, a market is still fair game for my impulsive shopping sprees, therefore, I will go nuts in one as easy as I would at The Grove. I noticed some containers that said raw food, greens, and superfood. They are powdered blends of all types of vegetables, greens, vitamins, fibers and several other beneficial ingredients for your body. I got ten packs, two of each brand to try out. I also got a giant jar of local raw honey, Black African soap, African Secret creme, Shea Butter Organic Shampoo and some spices. You blend one package with eight ounces of water which I did the first day. The second day, I blended it with chicken broth and the third day I added it to my chopped grilled chicken and lime juice. I must mention I got the original flavors and not the fruit ones. I ended up buying Amazing Grass Green Superfood Goji and Acai flavor which was a huge mistake.
I will not lie, the flavor was horrible and the smell almost made me sick. I tried to blend it with tomato sauce, yogurt, milk, curry, saffron, onions, garlic, and tons of other stuff..the flavor changed slightly but the smell remained.
I honestly only recommend the raw green original flavors because they are easier to blend with other flavors and do not have that strong smell. In fact, the very first packet from the bunch that I bought was called GenEssentials Greens. It was very subtle and easy to deal with as far as taste and smell and that is my top pick from them all. They helped speed up my digestive system, made my skin look healthier, and gave me tons of energy. The Vitamine Shoppe to sells Amazing Grass superfood in different flavors ranging from chocolate to vanilla chai in the eight ounce container for only $23.99. However, if you decide to take my advice, GenEssentials comes in a box with 15 packets for $21.99.

I cannot tell you all how happy and how much healthier I feel since I started using Superfood. I will make further updates after I finish my two-week detox plan.

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