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I have been a loyal fan and user of Hydroxycut SX-7, however, I got greedy as most humans tend to do. I have reached my desired weight but felt that I needed something stronger to energize me for toning up. This was a huge mistake. I already had a good product that was helping me achieve my goals which were to get energy to workout, give me mental focus on my workouts and my daily routines, and it kept me balanced in all aspects of my life.

Last week I went to Max Muscle rather than going to my usual spot, GNC. I asked the store rep what the best energy and fat burning supplement was. She told me that Synedrex was the best-seller at their store and I went ahead and purchased it. This has literally been the worst experience of my life! It says on the bottle to take one per day to test your endurance. I will tell you that I tried it for 4 days only to confirm that no other outside factors were contributing to my side effects.

I did lose weight while taking this pill. I have been an avid chef since my youth and I can tell you that the best part of my regular diet for the past 2 years was experimenting and creating new diet recipes that tasted amazing while building a discipline in the amount I eat daily. I was so excited because I had just gone to Lassens Organic Market and Whole Foods to purchase around $600 worth of pure, natural, and healthy ingredients for my monthly main grocery trip right after having my first dose of Synedrex in the morning. I have always seen grocery shopping trip to be just as exciting as any vacation or shopping spree. However, my trip was not so exciting.

About an hour after taking this pill, I felt tired, depressed, useless, unhappy, and even stranger, I was not hungry. I felt forced and disgusted at anything I saw during my time in these grocery stores. This is not like me at all! I have always loved food and no matter how fit or healthy you are, you need to eat and food gives you the calories and energy you need to survive. During these past 4 days, I have not only lost my appetite completely, I have experienced severe depression. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am the life of the party. I am a naturally annoyingly positive person and always active an upbeat.

I did not want to get out of bed. I did not want to cook (which is my passion), I did not want to go out, and even scarier, and I did not want to live. Again, I will tell you this is not like me and never has been. I was paranoid, scared, and felt that I would have a heart attack or die at any moment. I hate to admit it but I even had slightly suicidal thoughts and was hoping to just give up at any moment just so I do not feel the depressing effects of this pills. I was even afraid to sleep because I thought I would die in my sleep from a heart attack because my left arm was killing me and I felt something was squeezing my heart.

Synedrex should not be allowed on the market. I have tried several energy supplements, energy shots, powders, and they have their ups and downs. The worst I had ever experienced was the caffeine crash. That is totally fine, but I have never been useless and depressed for 4 days straight. I only took it the 4 days to make sure it had nothing to do with school, working out, or anything else. I felt weak and powerless. This pill should not be on the market at all, not even with a prescription. I am telling you all about this because it really happened to me and there are witnesses to my pain and depression. Losing weight and getting in shape can be fun and exciting. I loved making up new meals, exercise routines, drawing my charts, and shopping for my workout clothes and groceries.

What is the point of losing weight if you do not have the will to live or go about your daily life? I am a student and thank God I did not have school or work during the days I took these pills. I would not have been able to get out of bed because I really did not and my room-mates had to force me to eat and drink something but I only could once a day. I care about all of you and hope you never experience this. Please do not take Synedrex and if you have any questions about my effects and what happened in detail please leave a comment or email me.

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