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Wonder Where our Current Trends Come From and Where They’re Going?

Your average Cholo

For many of us, fashion is just something we use to stay looking good. For others, we are trying to make a statement. But as for the current trends and styles all over magazines, blogs, and fashion shows, it is very obvious we have crossed my beloved 80’s era. I was in love with style because it brought so many futuristic aspects and types of clothing and make-up that had never been used before. Now we are entering the early 90’s. If any of you remember singers like Ice-Cube, Pre-Snoop Lion’s age of Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Salt-n-Pepper. We are slowly but surely entering the early phases of the baggy pants, oversized jerseys, and somewhat gang affiliated influence in our clothing.

Chola bangs; no matter who tells you they are cool, avoid them at all costs!


So, do not be surprised if those high-raised, hair sprayed bangs come in within the next couple of years. One thing I am glad to not seeing much of are those unsightly thinly drawn eyebrows. But we will are currently seeing those dark maroon lips, so expect to be seeing black lined lips with nude lipstick or sometimes red lipstick with black lining. This was a dreaded thing for me to anticipate since I think that the 90’s was one of the most depressing and pointless eras in fashion where laziness rapidly made its way into the everyday clothing of celebrities and stars. It replaced the elegant emeralds and diamond necklaces with bulky gold chains and tacky-looking lace chokers. Fur coats and gowns were traded for sneakers and miniskirts in the mid 90’s grunge faze.

Yes, your boyfriends might pay more for clothes than these guys, but they will surely be wearing the exact same thing at rip-off prices.


Grunge will probably be the most acceptable trend that I will accept as cute during that hideous decade.
Salt-N-Peppa: yes they were cool, and people copied their clothes, but I still hate these prints. You would probably end up buying them if I didn’t warn you about it now.


So maybe you don’t care where the styles you are wearing come from, but you should care about where they are going. I am particularly scared to death of those ugly thick-heeled high heels that look like shoes worn by statesmen in the industrial revolution. So, if you like the style and where it is going, just start searching for “Cholo Style”, “Grunge”, or anything within the early 90’s. I predict those cheesy Chinese prints will be back within two to three years. For more fashion predictions and history on trends and styles stay tuned. We also encourage you comment and ask us about future trends and their history.

I’m not going to lie. This is bomb…unfortunately, this is the late 80’s version of them. This means anything that crossed into 1990 sucks.
I predict Zara will be selling backwards pants in 2015 Spring.